Base Camp Cyclery Women's Tech Series Bicycle Bike

Join us for Base Camp Cyclery’s inaugural Women’s Tech Series led by pro mechanic Sarah Willett! Each interactive, hands-on clinic will focus on a segment of bicycle maintenance relevant to the average rider.

All Classes run from 6p-8p. Tickets are $20/session or $120 to attend the full series. Classes will be small enough that every attendee will be able to actively participate. At the end of each clinic attendees will have the option to purchase curated tool/parts package relevant to the topic of the class at a 15% discount off of retail.

2/21 Flat Fix and Tubeless Setup – This clinic will go over how to change a flat, explain how and when to refresh sealant, fix clogged valve cores, discuss optimal tire pressures for different situations and tire set up.

3/21 Suspension – This clinic will discuss how to set up and properly tune front and rear suspension, how to set sag, discuss optimum service intervals, and we will show you what to look for regarding maintenance and safety.

4/18 Brakes – This session will go over installing and changing pads, adjusting brakes, bleeding Sram and Shimano hydraulic brakes, discussing hydraulic systems vs cable, and resurfacing pads and rotors.

5/16 Drivetrain – In this clinic we will show you how to properly clean your drivetrain, tune derailleurs, and troubleshoot shifting problems.

6/20 Tires, Seat, Grips, and Pedals – This clinic will discuss contact points and how location and ride style will influence parts choice. We will have a Q & A to discuss parts and fit.

7/18 Quick Tune and Clean – In this session we will show you a 20-30 minute tune you can do at home to reduce premature wear and help keep your bike running smoothly between visits to the bike shop.

8/29 How to Upgrade – In our final clinic, we will discuss smart ways to upgrade your bike without breaking the bank. It’s the end of another great season, you’ve ridden a ton, but don’t quite have enough money for a new bike. We’ll cover ways to improve your existing bike in order to keep it feeling fresh and relevant. This clinic will include a Q & A session.


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