In 1999 they created the first mountain bike aimed specifically at female riders. It was a groundbreaking shift in focus for the industry, driven by a groundbreaking woman – Juli Furtado – one of the fiercest mountain bikers of all time.

Today, Juli’s initiative has grown into an award-winning line of premium mountain bikes ridden by a crew of athletes, racers and guides who continue to blaze new trails.

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The Lineup

At Base Camp Cyclery, we have a large selection of mens and womens premium brand mountain bikes. Juliana bikes are a reflection of who they are and what they do and are designed to fit, perform and last.


The go-to model for all-round riders, the Furtado proves that what goes up (well) can come down (equally well), too.


The Joplin is a bit of an XC wild child, a light bike that’s heavy on capability with a “let’s go” attitude to any trail.

Juliana Maverick


You’re here to get down. You’re here to go fast. Not fast for a girl. Just damn fast. So is the Maverick.

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