In the heart of Basque Country, three brothers created what will be known as the Orbea bike and company. They began selling handguns to governments with an ornate logo reading “OH” for Orbea Hermanos, translated to Orbea Brothers.

In 1930, Orbea Brothers permanently exited the gun business and welcomed a new age of Orbea Bicycles. Orbea Bikes gained recognition as a premier cycling brand during the Tour de France with the champion, Mariano Cañardo. This tiny workshop grew to become the first factory in a city eventually dedicated to the industry, with relentless work and ambition.

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The Lineup

At Base Camp Cyclery, we have a large selection of premium brand mountain bikes. The brand that encompasses them all? Orbea. Whether you’re looking for your next favorite trail bike or one that has never met a road it didn’t like, you’re going to want to take a look at the Orbea line.


The Rallon is the extra bit of fun that turns a good ride into a great one – the shouting of the crowd, a flow state of euphoria, cowbells, chainsaws, accelerated reaction time and enhanced perception. It’s the difference between a Good Time and All-Time.

Orbea Orca


By demanding less, by maximizing minimalism, we have created an Orca that improves riding experience and boosts performance by refining what remains when unnecessary is removed.

Wild FS

Reclaim access and discover new adventures the way you like – aboard a fun and capable machine that enhances your skills while it extends your range. Take back control – Take back your Wild.

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