There’s no shortage of different types and brands of mountain bikes available nowadays, especially in Denver. With a mountain bike shop around every corner, all the information and details can be overwhelming. Let us simplify it for you. If you’re feeling confused and unsure on which brand and bike type is right for you, here’s what to look for at mountain bike retailers in your area. Whether you want to buy a road, mountain, or hybrid bike, we’ll help you shop for your new bike with confidence.

Ibis Mountain Bikes

Ibis Bikes is a bicycle brand based in Northern California where there is no shortage of killer riding. Ibis is most famous for its carbon frames and the “Moron” tubing. It’s a clever wordplay meaning “more on the ends”. All this really means is that their frames are heavier on the ends than in the middle. Their flagship models are Ripmo, Moji, and Ripley. These bikes are best for all-mountain or enduro enthusiasts.

Juliana Bicycles

This one is for our female riders! Juliana makes women-specific mountain bikes at mid-range to high-end price tags. The name has earned a coveted spot in the mountain biking scene. The female-specific body concept has evolved into one of the largest women’s mountain bike ranges in the industry. These bikes are high-performance, race-ready carbon mountain bikes that have been tested time and again in top-level races, by some of the best female riders in the world.

Norco Bicycles

A crowd favorite. This brand produces a super wide variety of different bikes in their range. They provide just over 120 different bikes to choose from. From kids’ full-suspension mountain bikes to the adult road, gravel, cyclocross, and even electric fat bikes to choose from, Norco presents a wide variety of bikes for every type of rider and skill level.

The expansive and diverse terrain that the Canadian landscape makes the perfect testing ground for Norco’s engineers. These award-winning bikes have won awards like the 2005 Bike of the Year and a 2015 Design and Innovation Award for the Norco Sight.

Orbea Mountain Bikes

Orbea produces performance bikes in several categories, such as road, mountain, and triathlon. They also make high-quality urban bikes and e-bikes intended for everyday use. Orbea frames are designed to be long-lasting, efficient, and easy to maintain, which makes them a perfect fit for both beginners and pros. These bikes are built out of aluminum or carbon depending on the model, make, and price.

Brands to Look for at Mountain Bike Retailers

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