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Essential Upgrades for Your Mountain Bike

You’ve ridden the trails, you’ve grabbed the right gear, and now you’re ready to step up to the next level. Buying a new bike is one way to get there, but not everyone has that in their budget. The next best thing? Soup up your ...
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Mechanic servicing mountain bike

How Often Should I Service My Mountain Bike? 

Regular maintenance after riding goes a long way toward keeping your bike tuned. If you start to lapse on routine tasks like cleaning and lubing, your bike’s performance will begin to suffer.
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Man riding a demo mountain bike through a creek in Denver

Guide to Demoing a Mountain Bike in Denver

A demo lets you get on the saddle and hit the trails. With this guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know about demoing a mountain bike in Denver. 
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base camp cyclery bike shop gift card

Why Choose a Castle Rock Bike Shop Over a Big Box Store?

A big box store may carry the same brands as a local bike shop, but although the products are identical, the experience is anything but.
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castle rock orbea mountain bike demo

A Look at Denver’s Best Orbea Occam Bike Shop

Being Denver's best Orbea Occam bike shop isn't easy, but someone has to do it. At Base Camp Cyclery, you can always count on getting the best quality bikes and even better quality service. Our entire staff has a passion for the trails, and our ...
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mountain biking gear on a wilderness trail

An (Updated) Guide to Mountain Biking Gear 

It’s never a bad time to take inventory of your mountain biking gear. Things get worn out, misplaced, or outdated, and getting stuck out there with bunk equipment can ruin a great day.
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