4 Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Mountain Bike

mountain bike rentals

Whether it’s your first time riding the trails, or you just want to try out some new bikes, renting a mountain bike is the way to go. When it comes to renting a mountain bike, there are some important questions you should ask a shop employee to ensure you get the most out of your ride.

1. What type of bike should I get?

When renting a mountain bike, it is important to know the type of terrain you will be riding in order to rent the proper type of bike. Common types of bikes are:

  • XC (Cross Country) or Trail bikes – are best for longer rides over a variety of terrain and less technical trails.
  • Enduro – are better for all mountain terrain including technical uphills and downhills.
  • Downhill – which are, you guessed it, best for only going downhill using lift service trails.

We recommend beginners to start on XC rental bikes and trails as they are the least extreme.

2. What year are the bikes?

Bike shops usually replace their rental fleets every year or so. Due to the wear and tear rental bikes usually see, the older the bike the more likely it is to have some serious maintenance issues. Asking for a newer bike can save you from having a breakdown in the middle of a ride due to damaged parts.

3.What is their policy on damage?

Bike shops vary in their policies regarding damage and wear and tear so it’s best to ask about it up front instead of ending up with a much higher bill than you expected. Make sure you understand what they consider damage. Upon picking up your bike, it is a good idea to do a full bike check before taking it out of the store to ensure all previous damages are accounted for.

4. Ask for recommendations!

Bike shop employees work there because they love all things bikes, so don’t be afraid to ask their opinion! They know what rental bikes the shop offers and will be able to recommend certain rental bikes for various experience levels and trails.

Renting a mountain bike should be an easy and fun experience! Here at Base Camp, we have a great mountain bike rental fleet and are ready to help get you on a great ride. It’s best to call or reserve your bike online to ensure we have what you need in stock, when you want it.

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