Is the Ibis Ripmo Mountain Bike the Right Choice for You?

ibis ripmo mountain bike

One of our most popular rides here at Base Camp Cyclery is the Ibis Ripmo mountain bike. It’s length and slack, along with the fact that V1 was a crowd favorite to begin with, means that this is one of our clients’ most sought-after bikes. Plus, Ibis mountain bike brand alone is something to write home about.

So, let’s dive in. Is this set of wheels right for you?

Ibis Ripmo Mountain

The folks at Ibis must have looked at the V1 Ripmo and said, “Hey, let’s make this a little longer and a dash more progressive and coil compatible.” Testers have even said this baby rides like you’re on a cloud.

Overall, the Ripmo V2 includes 29” wheels, berm-defying cornering tendencies, and a love for long rides. It blurs the line between enduro and trail bikes which means you’ll feel comfortable and confident on jumps in the bike park and just as happy on a marathon in the mountains.

The Perfect Rider

Really, any rider who wants aggressive geometry with a sporty design would be well fit for the Ibis Ripmo mountain bike. Ranked “The Best Trail Bike of 2019” by Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, it strikes a seamless balance between climb and decent capability while remaining agile yet composed. This ride fuses opposing characteristics, so anyone who’s interested in long travel ability and mid-travel snappiness and acceleration will be a good match for this set of wheels.

Ibis Brand Bikes at Base Camp

Base Camp Cyclery carries Denver’s premium mountain bike brands including Santa Cruz, Ibis, Orbea and Norco. We also offer fantastic urban and road bicycles from brands such as Linus and Farraday.

Want to try before you buy? We have excellent bike demo and bike rental options to help you do just that! Stop by our shop, give us a call or schedule online to test out your new favorite bike.

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