Which Bike Brand is Right for You?

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A Denver mountain bike shop will have a wide variety of options to choose from, but how do you know which is right for you? After all, a quality bike should last you multiple seasons and hundreds of miles when properly maintained. So today we’ll look at three different brands so you can determine which fits your style the best.

Norco Bikes

Norco bikes were established in British Columbia where the trails are rocky and steep. These bikes focus a lot on enduro and cross-country racing. So, if you’re looking for a thrill with some high-speed downhill fun, Norco bikes will fit best for you. They have a strong frame to withstand the additional g-force you’re putting on it and designed their suspension with rearward axle path and a progressive leverage ratio. This suspension philosophy helps with square edge bump compliance which gives you more control and to move efficiently when riding over difficult terrain like large rocks and root systems.

Orbea Bikes

Orbea bikes was founded in Spain over 150 years ago, so you could say that have some experience in these bikes. Lately, they’ve been investing a lot of time into e-bikes and offer a strong selection from mountain bikes to street bikes and even urban style bikes for those looking for new form of easy transportation to get around the city. If you’re looking for less heart rate increasing and more leisurely experience, an e-bike would be perfect for you. If you’re in the market for an e-bike, it’s best to go with the company that’s invested the most R&D into their e-bikes.

Yeti Bikes

Yeti bikes are a newer company than the other two. Starting in 1985, they’re also much more local, established right here in Golden, CO. Yeti bikes would be best for anyone looking to experience the amazing trails in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Yeti bikes’ suspension are pretty unique, using the Switch Infinity link. This suspension works by starting in a relatively flat and high anti-square curve until hitting an inflection point, the Switch Infinity link moves down, which drops the anti-square considerably. This allows the less chain force on the suspension and results in a smoother ride over rough terrain, perfect for new riders or anyone looking for a more efficient ride.

Mountain Bike Shop

Something to note before we end this, the best advice will come from your local mountain bike shop. They should have years of experience and strong knowledge of the bikes they have in stock, and which one would fit you and your riding needs best. This blog is to give you a jump start in case you feel completely lost as to where to start. But don’t be nervous! Our local bike shop employees are some of the nicest and well-informed people you can talk to so give them a call or stop in!

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