Norco Shore


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There’s a trail that scares you a little more than you’re willing to admit.  A line that, when you roll up to drop-in, you immediately know you’re in over your head as your survival instincts ignite. This is where the Shore comes alive. By integrating an idler pulley into an elevated Horst Link design, a long travel rearward axle path optimizes suspension travel with minimal pedal kickback. Precision tuned, coil-specific suspension kinematics provide grip and support to boost jumps and shrug off deep landings on rough trails. Suspension design and rider compartment get the Shore moving quickly on run-ins and rollers. Maximized pedal efficiency gets you up the mountain efficiently and conserves energy for the descent that you've planned your whole ride around.
All bikes are available for in-store pickup only at 1869 S. Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210
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