Where to Get the Most Out of Your Denver Mountain Bike Rental

denver mountain bike rental

So, you’ve just rented a sweet mountain bike from Base Camp Cyclery. Now where do you go to give it a whirl? Being avid mountain bikers, we’re here to give you some tips on a few of our favorite trails near Denver so you can get the most out of your Denver mountain bike rental experience.

Apex Park

Just a quick drive down I-70, Apex Park is an easy-to-get-to trail about 30 minutes away from Denver. There is a large network of trails that offer everything from beginner to expert difficulty, so no matter what your experience level, you’ll be sure to have a great ride with amazing views of the city and the foothills. We recommend riding on an even day so you can experience the thrills of flying downhill on Enchanted Forest. Be careful riding on odd days as many trails at Apex are one way only for mountain bikes.

Mountain bike rental suggestion: Yeti SB5 Lunch RideMountain bike rentals

Yeti Cycles is located near the Apex trailhead. Nearly every day they ride mountain bikes during lunch on Apex so you can rest assured that Yeti bikes are truly designed for this trail.


Lair O’ the Bear Park

If you’re looking for a great flowy singletrack trail, Lair O’ the Bear is for you. This trail just outside Morrison, CO is perfect for a fun intermediate ride with a few technical sections, challenging switchbacks, and lots of fast rolling segments. It’s a 12 mile out and back ride with about a 1,673 ft elevation gain.

Mountain bike rental suggestion: Santa Cruz Hightower LTmountain bike rental

The Santa Cruz Hightower LT carries its speed through the fast and flowy sections while giving you the squish you need to tackle the rocky spots.


White Ranch Park

Not for the faint of heart, White Ranch Park contains a lot of technical trails and is for those who are really looking to shred. Just outside Golden, CO, these trails feature typical front range terrain, meaning sandy soil and embedded rocks are going to be common. There are many different loops that can be taken to add or reduce mileage for whatever ride you’re feeling up to. There are a couple parking lots towards the top but if you are looking for a real challenge, climb up Belcher Hill and rip Longhorn down to the car.

Mountain bike rental suggestion: Ibis Ripmodenver mountain bike rental

You’re gonna need a lot of travel to ride this trail but the climb from the bottom is a true suffer fest. The Ibis Ripmo climbs incredibly well for its size and can take anything the trail throws at you on the way down. Why rip less when you can Ripmo?


When it comes to finding great mountain bike trails near Denver, there’s really no shortage. Here at Base Camp, we’re happy to help find you the perfect bike for your skill level and trail terrain. And don’t worry, we sell all bike models that we rent out. So, when you inevitably fall in love with the rental, we’ll make it easy to call one your own. Contact us, talk bikes, and schedule your Denver mountain bike rental today!

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