How to Find the Right Enduro Mountain Bike

Enduro mountain bike

Enduro bikes have been around for several years, but the difference between enduro mountain bikes and other mountain bikes still might not be too clear. Enduro, in its most basic definition, is a type of downhill mountain bike racing. This race times riders mostly in downhill stages and has untimed transfer stagesSo, what makes an enduro mountain bike different from trail bikes or other mountain bikes?

Differences Between Enduro Bikes and Trail Bikes 

Enduro mountain bikes have more suspension travel than trail bikes. The extra suspension travel allows riders to go faster while still having the ability to climb uphill. These mountain bikes have slacker head tube angles, which push the front wheel further out ahead of the handlebars, increasing the size of the wheelbase improving confidence and stability while descending at high speeds  

How to Choose the Right Enduro Bike 

Enduro bikes are very versatile. They’re perfect if you’re willing to pedal up but are really in it for the downhill. If you want to just do a couple of laps around a bike park, an enduro bike can handle that too!  

If you’re unsure about an enduro bike, you can always demo mountain bikes to try new models and types! You might just find a bike you have never even considered! Another option is to rent a mountain bike. Base Camp Cyclery allows mountain bike rentals in Denver. This is perfect if you want to test a bike out on a trail but aren’t ready to commit to buying one.  

Favorite Trails Around Denver 

If you want to test out some enduro mountain bike rentals, take a look at these great trails around Denver! 

White Ranch

This ride will reward you for getting the Belcher Hillsufferfest out of the way. The ride features some of the best singletrack in the front range. Technical drops, switchbacks, rock gardens, and climbs. It’s everything a dirt lover could want.

Dakota Ridge

A typical rider should be able to do this loop in under 2 hours. It makes for a great after work ride if you want something more technical. Drawbacks: It can get really hot, there are often rattlesnakes, and a lot of features will take a very skilled rider to clean – expect to walk some of the trail.

Lair o’ the Bear

Mostly flowy singletrack, with a few small climbs/descents and some very fun rock features. Almost all of the technical bits offer an intermediate line, though you could miss it if you charge into the drops with too much speed. 

Take a look at our mountain bike rentals that are perfect for enduro biking. You can easily rent one that catches your eye or demo any bike you want to try out! Visit us at our shop in Denver or give us a call if you’re interested 720-612-4962. 


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