Ibis Bikes


The name Ibis Cycles was inspired by the fact that birds are light and they fly – both good traits to associate with a bicycle. The Ibis got the nod due to its beauty in flight and gracefulness. The head badge is meant to reflect these traits.

Today, Ibis Cycles is located in Santa Cruz with 26 (or so) employees and products that are distributed in 33 countries.

Base Camp Cyclery is partners with Ibis and is proud to be one of the select mountain bike shops in Denver that stock Ibis bikes. We feature four of their mountain bikes, the Ripmo, Mojo HD4, Ripley LS, and the Hakka MX.

Product Details


The love child of a Ripley and the Mojo HD4, the all-new Ripmo is a big wheeled slasher that’s always down for another lap, whether that means a big climb or a tailgate pad.

Think of it as a mashup of the Ripley’s balance and speed, coupled with the Mojo HD4’s capabilities when things get hairy. It’s the bike that our Enduro World Series winning team will be using to defend their World Championship crown, so we pulled out all the stops.

Mojo HD4 

The Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team has been giving us feedback and recommendations for the last couple of years on what they want to see in a next-generation enduro bike. Our engineers, mechanics, and designers have been working with the team to realize these goals, and we are pleased to announce the 4th generation of the Mojo HD, which we’re dubbing the HD4.

The HD4 features a completely redesigned geometry with a focus on stability and speed. You can expect excellent big hit performance through increased progression in the shock tune.

Ripley LS

 The Ripley LS is a 29″ wheel trail bike with 120mm of rear wheel travel, mated to a 130mm travel front fork.

The talented Mr. Ripley, our first 29er trail bike, has been in production for 4 years. During that time, it’s grown a little burlier, a little longer, and become slacker. With the Generation 3 release, we’ve added clearance for the new generation of not quite plus sized, wide rim specific tires.

It will come stock with pretty much perfect-for-a-29er Schwalbe 2.6″ rubber. If you’re an enduro bro and like to point it downhill through rock gardens without using your brakes very much, this new Ripley also has clearance for burly Maxxis 2.5 WT tires.

Hakka MX

The Hakka MX is our answer to the Swiss Army Knife. It’s the bike we’d choose if heaven forbid, we could only have one bike.

The Hakka MX is a gravel bike, cross bike, and a road bike. We’ve logged a few bike packing trips on the Hakka too.

With the hydraulic brakes being so good on CX/road/gravel bikes now, coupled with the ability to run big-volume big-traction tires, this bike is a total blast on dirt (especially fast flowing singletrack).

I mean, with these four great Ibis choices, why wouldn’t you choose Base Camp Cyclery as your local Denver bike shop? If you would like any more information or would like to demo one of our stellar Ibis mountain bikes, stop by the shop or call 720-612-4962!