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Norco Bicycle

Norco Bicycle

Norco Bicycles


Founded in in British Columbia, Canada, Northern Cycle Industries was deemed too long for a downtube decal or headtube badge and was shortened to Norco Bicycles in 1968.

Norco Bicycles began manufacturing its 10-speed drop bar road bikes in 1975 after spending some time on full suspension BMX bikes. In 1984 Norco began designing and manufacturing mountain bikes, becoming one of the first North American companies to address this emerging market.

Through hard work and dedication, Norco Bicycles introduced the Rampage: North America’s first front suspension-specific mountain bike. Global sales go wild and Norco bicycles dives into a new market and produces the Super Cross 125 and 250, two of the world’s first Street/Dirt Jump-specific mountain bikes. In 2016, the Norco Search wins a Design and Innovation Award. Editors called it “a new way of thinking – a bike for those who want to continue onwards when the asphalt runs out “.

Basecamp Cyclery carries multiple Norco Bicycles for adults and youths. Take a look below at the different Norco bicycles we carry and stop in to demo them for yourselves!

Product Detail

Adult Bikes

Norco Search XR Carbon

The Search XR Carbon is non-conformist yet familiar, pushing the limits of what you’d expect from a drop bar bike. With tire clearance up to 700 x 45c, rack, fender and bottle mounts, and a lightweight carbon frame, the Search XR takes you off the beaten path and allows you to ride every road and trail your heart desires.

Explore single-track, tackle a gravel grinder or load up for a bike-packing trip. The Search XR is for all the adventures you can imagine, and for those you have yet to dream up.

Norco Search XR Steel

The Search XR Steel is not just head-turner. The strong but lightweight steel frame has a ride feel that is unique to steel as a frame material. The vibration-damping material properties combined with thoughtful frame design make the bike a pleasure to ride.

With tire clearance up to 700 x 45c, rack, fender and bottle mounts, the Search XR Steel is ready for any adventure, whether that is urban utility or exploration off the beaten track.

Youth Bikes

Norco Charger

The Norco Charger comes complete with premium components such as stainless-steel spokes, a quality lightweight saddle, soft krayton rubber grips and Jr. BMX pedals selected specifically for durability, safety and, long-lasting performance.

Norco Fluid HT

Super responsive, snappy with the ability to explode up technical climbs, the Fluid 4.3+ features a responsive aluminum hardtail frame designed around 24” wheels for a guaranteed fast and efficient ride. Get ready for more than capable handling with extra-wide 2.6” tires and applied trail geometry for a short, stiff rear end that will have your little ripper charging around corners, climbing hills with ease and flowing through rocky, rooty descents.

Norco Fluid FS

The Fluid FS brings all the trail capability of the Fluid series to smaller riders. With no-compromise geometry in a youth-sized frame, the Fluid FS is optimized to get maximum fun out of very trail.

Hydraulic disc brakes deliver all the modulation and stopping power they’ll need to handle the rougher stuff, while the trail tuned A.R.T. suspension will help them take their riding to the next level.

Norco Mermaid Run

 The Mermaid 10” and 12″ Run Bike is the perfect way for little ones to learn the basics and develop a love of riding. Featuring 10” and 12″ air tires and a lightweight aluminum frame with lower stand over to fit smaller riders, kids can start riding early and often. As your little ripper discovers their need for speed, they can get used to controlling it with the easy-to-use rear v-brake and small adjustable lever.

Norco Ninja Run

The Ninja 10″ and 12” Run Bike is the perfect way for little ones to learn the basics of balance and develop a love of riding. Featuring 10″ and 12” air tires and a lightweight aluminum frame for petite riders, kids can start riding early and often. The 10” and 12” Ninja run bike allows your little ripper to discover their ability to balance through the bumps and stop with their feet, preparing them for moving up to a peddle bike when they are ready.

If any of these Norco adult or youth bikes caught your eye, you’re in luck. Base Camp Cyclery is your local mountain bike shop that has these in store. If you want to test them out, stop in to rent or demo one of these bad boys! Our robust collection of Norco mountain bikes should impress you. Stop by the shop or call us at 720-612-4962!

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