How to Stay Safe While Mountain Biking During COVID-19

Denver Mountain Biking

As more and more customers visit our mountain bike store, Denver residents are starting to feel the threat of COVID-19 on the busy trails.

We’re all trying to take advantage of the summer weather, so here are a few of our tips on how to stay safe on your mountain bike adventures.

One Mountain Bike Store’s Tips Precautions

Of course, the obvious solution here is to wear a mask. However, any sport enthusiast will tell you it’s tough to get enough oxygen at altitude without wearing fabric over your nose and mouth.

Although state parks aren’t specifically requiring guests wear a mask, it is advised to wear them in large groups

Beyond masks, you may consider sanitizing bike handles, grips, seats, gear shifts, and your bell before or after rides. Extra precautions can be taken to wipe down the stem of the bike and the mechanisms used to adjust the seat as well.

Helmets should also be disinfected between use, and during COVID-19, it’s best to keep your gear to yourself. Sharing is caring, but not during a pandemic., Bike Rental Trail Etiquette

It’s important to remain mindful on the trails.

Mountain bike stores like Base Camp are recommending customers visit lesser-occupied trails and adhere to social distancing guidelines whenever possible.

Riding solo is the best way to make sure you’re socially distant from other people on the trail. To go the extra mile for other cyclers, consider hopping off your bike on the uphill when trails get narrow.

Our Best Kept Secrets

If you’re visiting Colorado and looking for a trail off the beaten path, we have a few recommendations for you.

  • Eagle, Colorado: While you’ve likely heard of the Fruita trails, it’s neighbor, Eagle, is a great place for beginners. With more than 200 miles of beautiful trails, this destination is a great training ground for less-confident riders.
  • Rabbit Valley, Colorado: Speaking of Fruita, this trail gets you near some of the most popular trails in the state, without the crowds. This area has about 30 different trails with a solid five-star rating. Most trails are best for intermediate riders, but there are a few Black Diamonds in there for those looking for an adventure.
  • Pikes Peak, Colorado: Not for the faint of heart. These trails will be pretty difficult, which may explain the lack in popularity. Additionally, if you’re a bucket-lister looking to knock a “fourteener” off your list, this is a perfect opportunity. The highest trailhead clocks in at 14,086 ft.
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