Finding the Best Kids Mountain Bikes for The Holidays

best kids mountain bikes in denver

Regardless of a child’s age and size, kids bikes have changed quite a bit in the past few decades. The best kids mountain bikes are designed to be safe and build the confidence of a young rider. The skills kids develop on their first bikes are ones they’ll carry throughout their lives.

So, how do you know which bikes are best to invest in? There are a few things to consider before purchasing a bike for your young rider. Here’s the breakdown from our pros.


Depending on the age of your kiddo, you may consider several different types of kids mountain bikes. For example, balance bikes are the right choice for kids younger than about age four. There are no gears, no drivetrain, no chain… you just push and roll.

Balance bikes eliminate the need for training wheels, while maintaining the confidence level of the rider before they take the next step to pedals.

If a child is older, however, these balance bikes will be too small for them. You may consider a bike that can easily go from training wheels to a pedal bike.


You may think you should purchase a bike that is a bit too big for your new rider and rely on the classic, “they’ll grow into it!” solution, but this isn’t necessarily the best option when it comes to child riders.

Putting your kid on a bike that isn’t the right fit for them can cause all kinds of issues. The best way to make this determination is by measuring inseam length and comparing that with the bike dimensions. Start by checking online for the exact measurements of the bike before pulling the trigger. Additionally, you may choose to demo a bike with your little rider at a shop like Base Camp Cyclery.


If you’re looking into buying a bike for a tiny rider, there’s obviously no need to shell out the big bucks for a tricked-out carbon fiber ride. However, if you’re looking to build the skills of a more seasoned rider, you may want to consider improving the functionality of the bike.

Weight and tire quality are important things to consider if you’re taking a rider out on the trails for the first time. You don’t want them to be bogged down by dealing with an ill-equipped bike. The context of the purchase is something to keep in mind when comparing prices.

Warranty & Maintenance

Since this ride will be used by your kiddo, it’s important that there’s always proper maintenance and warranties available.

Here at Base Camp, bikes receive Lifetime Free Adjustments with one complimentary Basic Tune. Bike purchases include a fitting and suspension set up, as well as new bike orientation.

We also offer new bike assembly – the right choice to ensure your kids are riding something built by the pros. We will treat the bike as if it came from our store. This includes Lifetime Free Adjustments with one complimentary Basic Tune. New bike assembly with the Base Camp Cyclery shop warranty also includes fitting and suspension set up with a new bike orientation.

The Perfect Gift for the Kids in Your Life

We may be biased, but having a bike is one of the great joys in life. If you’re looking to make an investment into the hobby, stop by Base Camp to check out our inventory!

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