How Often You Should You Invest in Mountain Bike Service in Denver?

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Here in Colorado, there’s always something fun to do regardless of the season. While you trade your wheels for skis in the wintertime, you may consider investing in mountain bike service to keep your ride pristine and ready for the trails again in a few months.

When it comes to basic and major services, what they entail, and how often you should tend to your mountain bike, here’s some tips from the pros.

Basic Mountain Bike Service

Depending on how frequently and rigorously you ride your mountain bike, you should probably be providing basic maintenance just about every ride. This can include any and all of the following:

  • General wash and lube
  • Check brakes
  • Reset barrel adjusters, front & rear derailleur, and straighten hanger
  • Replace gear parts if necessary
  • Inspect your tires: pressure, wear, tubes and/or sealant level

Generally, a gentle rinse and wipe-down will do the trick after hitting the trails. But, if you’re riding very frequently during the warmer seasons, it’s a good idea to use a degreaser and lubricant about once a month.

Major Service

About every six months it’s safe to say you’re due for a serious service. Again, this depends on how often and hard your rides are, but this it’s a good idea to evaluate what your bike needs in order to stay safe and maintain your bike. For serious maintenance, it’s better to leave it to a professional so you can be sure that you avoid any mistakes.

Here’s what these services usually entail:

  • Fork/cartridge service
  • Fork lower service
  • Rear shock service
  • Dust wiper replacement
  • Seal replacement
  • Sealant refresh
  • Tubeless install
  • Wheel building
  • Brake bleed
  • Tune up
  • Dropper post service

Mountain Bike Service in Denver

When it comes to mountain bike service, Base Camp has you covered. We adjust derailleurs and brakes, true wheels, de-glaze pads and rotors. We also lube cables and housing, adjust serviceable bearings, lubricate chain, and clean your bike.

Our experienced bike technicians can perform virtually any mountain bike service. We’re more than happy to help you keep your ride in mint condition. Before you know it, it’ll be time to ride again.