Mountain Bike Repair and Maintenance Tips

Mountain bike repairs

As winter creeps in, Denver mountain bikers are preparing to weather the off-season. While we’ll all be missing the trails, this is the perfect time to schedule a mountain bike repair or maintenance to ensure your bike is safe, steady, and trouble-free.

Mountain Bike Repairs

Whether it’s as simple as reattaching a chain or figuring out what that strange clicking noise is, you can greatly increase your bike’s lifespan by performing regular repairs and maintenance checks. You don’t want to skimp on maintenance when it’s necessary. Some of the most common mountain bike repairs we see here at Base Camp are rubbing brakes, jumping gears, snapped chains, and overall ‘weird’ steering problems.

New Bike Fits

Believe it or not, a lot of times we have customers come in and ask why their ride has become so uncomfortable. And, well apart from the fact we’re not getting any younger, if you’re experiencing too many aches and pains it could be time to book yourself in for a new bike fit. This will make sure your knees & hips are well aligned and you’re in the most efficient position. As well as checking components like your saddle to make sure you have a comfy and sustainable set up.

Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

There are a few basic mountain bike maintenance steps you can take yourself to prevent damage and keep your bike operating at its best. We always advise our customers to regularly inspect your chain, tires, and suspension. Also, check for excessive oil residue. Excessive oil may indicate worn seals which requires mountain bike suspension service.

Mountain Bike Repair Denver

Regular mountain bike maintenance can not only prevent wear and tear but is essential for your safety and allows you to get the most out of your rides. At Base Camp Cyclery, we offer mountain bike repairs and tune-up packages that are designed to keep your bike running smoothly and prevent damage. Schedule a service online, via phone call, or stop by the shop!