Mountain Bike Retailers Rank Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

You’ll find that mountain bike retailers and their bike obsessed teams have their all-time favorites brands, models, and bikes. When it comes to Santa Cruz mountain bikes, the team here at Base Camp Cyclery loves the fact that all their bikes allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer. This premium bike brand has quite the impressive lineup, but you may ask – which model comes out on top?

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Denver mountain bike shops carry all kinds of bikes – from premium brands to beginner wheels. When it comes to Santa Cruz, though, we’re looking at a wide range of high-performance bicycles for true cycling enthusiasts. Made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, these bikes cover everything from hardtails to 8.5″ travel downhill machines. Suspension design has become a hallmark of the company’s bicycles and has been adapted for use on everything from cross-country to downhill bikes.

Santa Cruz Bronson

Not interested in having to narrow down what kind of riding you want to do? Don’t want to be pinned down by labels? What if you want to just be a mountain biker in the broadest sense of the word? If this sounds familiar, a Bronson is for you. And that’s why it’s our favorite of all Santa Cruz mountain bikes.

Our demo crew have a saying, ‘If in doubt, take a Bronson out’. The 150mm-travel bike can go deep on any landing and the VPP™ suspension design makes sure that there’s no wasted energy when heading back up for another go.

If you value style at speed or want to have fun feeling fast, then mixed wheels (29” up front, 27.5” out back) show that the spectrum is a loop not opposite points on a scale. The larger front wheel provides more traction and stability that’ll make you feel more confident squaring off the turns and diving for the inside lines. But a 27.5-inch tire in the rear means this bike still loves getting up on the back wheel and into the air. From flat out on the trail to fully flat over a table, each generation of Bronson rider redefines expectations of what a mountain biker is.

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Denver mountain bike shops are fully in-stock and ready for spring.  Come on in and check out what we have in stock, or check out our inventory list. Your perfect new ride may be in stock at Base Camp.

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