Denver Mountain Bike Shop Advises the Best Trails in the County

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A Denver mountain bike shop is full of fun-loving individuals who know all about the sport and where to gain access to some of the best trails. On the front range, we have access to amazing single-track trails that are perfect for traditional cross-country style and fast-track mountain biking. With so many trails to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best ones. Here is a list of some classic Denver mountain bike trails for mountain bikers. They’re fun for riders of all skills, and a must-do for anyone new to the area.

Waterton Canyon Mountain Biking

Waterton Canyon hosts 13 miles of trail just 25 miles from downtown Denver. You can walk into any Denver mountain bike shop and hear this recommendation. The gravel road runs alongside the South Platte River for 6.5 miles, and it makes for an easy hike or bike ride. This waterway provides a stunning view for your ride but makes it a popular trail. It can be very busy in summer and fall weekends. Still, then there are opportunities to observe abundant wildlife, including big horn sheep, black bear, and mule deer.

Centennial Cone Trail

The Centennial Cone Trail is 12.1 miles of trail located just 26 miles from downtown Denver. This cross-country tour through patches of wildflowers, tight singletrack, and beautifully expansive vistas is a must-see for Denver mountain bikers. Long ago this land was settled by homesteaders who left their marks around the park in the form of skeletons of stone chimneys and farm machinery.

Denver Mountain Bike Trails

If you’re new to town and love mountain biking, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re staying in Denver or heading to the mountains for some real gritty trails, be sure Base Camp is your stop for all gear and maintenance needs.

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