Derek, Islay, and Skye

This month’s Very Important Riders, Derek Murrow and his family, have a love for the great outdoors! Read all about Derek and his adventurous daughters Islay and Skye.

We are a very active family that loves to be outside riding our bikes to school, the park, and the local pump track. Once the cold weather blows in, the days start getting shorter, and the snow starts to fall we have to re-adjust our priorities. Islay is 6 and Skye is 3. This past season, both of our girls showed an interest in skiing, so we decided to make it more of a priority this year.

We dedicated a good portion of our winter to spending time in the mountains and exposing the girls to as many fun ski days as possible. To our surprise, both girls had a much bigger appetite for skiing and learning new skills than we could have imagined. We have been able to enjoy 20+ days on the slopes this season with many days at Winter Park, Steamboat, and Copper Mountain.

The girls’ ability and confidence have grown exponentially during the past handful of months. They have both had their moments of getting tired, crashing, or getting cold, but for the most part sad stretches have been mitigated with large amounts of skittles and hot chocolate.

We are excited to spend the last few months skiing and then start to transition back to bicycle activities as the weather in Colorado permits. Islay recently got a new 20” Norco Fluid complete with 8 gears and hydraulic disc brakes from Base Camp Cyclery. She is eager to put some miles on the bike this spring and start exploring some singletrack to improve her skills. Skye will be chasing right behind her on her bullet-proof Norco 12” single speed.

We love that the changing of seasons in Colorado provide for a change in hobbies and a fresh perspective on new family activities. Living in Colorado with kids really provides a platform for being outside, experiencing nature in healthy ways 12 months out of the year. We appreciate the local support of Base Camp Cyclery for all of our gear needs.

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