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I never considered myself a mountain biker, but I did some biking here and there. I had a bike stolen, purchased new, sold that one, and went for the roadie. I felt like it was way more work to mountain bike than to hop on the saddle and cruise out of the garage (which it is). I was also super scared. Like really scared.

Some trails I’d ride with my husband for fun, which were awesome. Others, when we’d travel out of town, were a lot more technical and pretty dicey. He has a lot of faith in me. Most trails had me in full-blown tears, totally petrified of the downhill. “How can anyone do this without feeling completely out of control and mentally unstable, aside from having the lung capacity and stamina to climb uphill? How can they ride downhill without jarring their breaks the whole time and falling every 5 feet, while clipped in?” These were the questions that would filter when trying to ride. Besides, I could be doing four loads of laundry, walking my dogs, and/or cleaning my whole house by the time I was done with a ride. Talk about time management. Ha!

This or that.

Since I turned 40 last October, I’ve really learned to let go. By letting go, I mean truly letting go. Fear, adversity, time, skills (because they come with practice like anything) and my mindset.

This is one of the MOST challenging sports I’ve ever done and probably will ever do before I die. I’ve hiked all of Colorado’s stunning peaks and now all I want to do is figure out a way to ride them! It’s been an incredible adjustment…I tell people that ask me about biking that I think I was hypnotized and am finally living my life!

No, but for real. I’ve chopped friendships that are not bringing me motivating, positive vibes and foods that make me feel like shit. I’ve found something I can do alone and actually be okay with being by myself. I have settled into the saddle because it makes me feel free, from the grit of the climb to the wind through my helmet on the down. It makes me feel alive and the most present I can be. It takes focus, persistence, practice, and it’s the BEST workout ever! I’ve never sweat so much, ever.

It’s my new-found joy and passion, and the coolest part is I get to do it with some rad chick friends—listening to amped up tunes on the drive and visiting new places I’ve never seen before. Kudos to all you mountain biking queens and kings out there. This sport is killer! Anytime ya wanna ride, hit me up!

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