One Mountain Bike Store Shares Staff’s Favorite Bike Trails in Denver

person getting ready to go out to a mountain bike trails in denver

When folks come in to purchase a new mountain bike, many of them are new to town and looking to hit the dirt on some local bike trails in Denver. While there are some smooth paved trails throughout the city that provide nice skyline views, we always send people away from the concrete to find the good stuff. So, here it is, one mountain bike store’s favorite bike trails in Denver.

Red Rocks

It’s for more than just concerts. Red Rocks has some of the most unique views and trails around, and for that reason, it’s a popular stop for Denver mountain bikers. Ask any local for bike trails in Denver, they’ll definitely send you to the rocks to try Dakota Ridge. You’ll climb straight up for a bit, then get ready to traverses some pretty technical terrain. There’s a nice loop up there that will bring you right back to where you parked. So this is a convenient, fun loop for post-work rides or just a fun weekend near the city.

Bergen Peak

Like most mountain bike trails in Denver, this trail requires quite a dramatic climb. Worth it for the views at the top before you plumet back down a singletrack to return to the lot. Most places you check will tell you this one is a black diamond trail, but we think that intermediates with decent endurance will do just fine. This is a fun one.

White Ranch

Last but not least, we’ve got White Ranch. This one has some nice variation and offers a network of trails so riders can choose their own adventure. There are some decently challenging sections, however. Intermediate riders should face the challenge, but for those advanced riders, this is your playground.

Bike Trails in Denver

If you’re new to town and love mountain biking, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re staying in Denver or heading to the mountains for some real gritty trails, be sure Base Camp is your stop for all gear and maintenance needs.

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