Santa Cruz Bikes for Sale in Denver & Castle Rock 

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Santa Cruz bikes have been ripping berms and crushing rock gardens for over 30 years. The company has built a reputation for providing quality, innovative bikes that perform at the highest level. People love the endless rideability of the bikes, and the rideability becomes even more endless when you consider the lifetime warranty offered on several components, including frames and bearings. If you need to find Santa Cruz Bikes for sale, Base Camp Cyclery is an official dealer that can set you up with the perfect ride. 

Picking the Bike for Your Riding Style 

Santa Cruz bikes rule the mountain. From the hard-charging Tallboy V5 to the insanely-adaptable chameleon, there is a bike in Santa Cruz’s lineup to fit every riding style. While there is no substitute for hopping on the saddle and seeing how it feels, here’s a down and dirty overview of the models of our Santa Cruz bikes for sale. Once you’ve scouted the possibilities, you should have a better idea of what will work for you. If not, you can always schedule a demo or talk to a Base Camp employee to experience the rad in real life. 

Name Style Travel Wheel Size 
5010 All Mountain 130mm 27.5” / 650b 
5010 V5 MX All Mountain 140mm 29” 
Blur All Mountain / Enduro 100mm 29” 
Bronson All Mountain / Enduro 150mm MX 
Chameleon All Mountain 130mm 29” 
Heckler E-Mountain 160mm 27.5” 
Hightower All Mountain / Enduro 150mm 29” 
Hightower V3 All Mountain 150mm 29” 
Megatower All Mountain 160mm 29” 
Nomad All Mountain / Enduro 170mm 27.5” / 650b 
Stigmata Road/Gravel 40mm 650b / 700c 
Tallboy All Mountain 115mm 29” 
Tallboy V5 Mountain / XC 130mm 29” 

Excellent Customer Service and Warranty 

When you buy a Santa Cruz bike, you are paying for much more than a rad ride. You’re also getting superb customer service and a legendary warranty. Fans of the brand won’t hesitate to tell you about their excellent experiences working with Santa Cruz’s customer service, and the warranty covers frame and fork, pivot bearings, handlebar and bottle cage, and Reserve carbon wheels. In the event that you would need a replacement, simply submit a claim, and the company’s customer-focused support team will do what they can to help out. It’s important to note that the warranty is only available to the original owner, so make sure you find a local shop that has Santa Cruz Bikes for sale.  

Find Santa Cruz Bikes at Your Local Bike Shop 

When looking for Santa Bikes for sale in Denver or Castle Rock, it’s important to find a local bike shop that offers exceptional customer service. At Base Camp Cyclery, our expert staff is always ready to make sure that the bike will be a good fit and will continue to help you after the sale. We’ll take the time to perform a walkthrough of the bike and make sure that you completely understand the machine.

Our focus is on the customer, and we will never try to upsell or make you feel any pressure to buy. We follow the vibes of the trail, and we will always strive to give you the best possible experience. If you’re looking to buy a Santa Cruz bike, give us a visit at our flagship store on Pearl Street in Denver or our new location on Allen Street in Castle Rock. We look forward to seeing you. 

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